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Virtual- and Augmented-Reality projects are the all the rage these days. We are fascinated with the possibilities and have adapted our network to this new challenge.


This allows us to create games and projects for companies and agencies. Our skills are in the production of VR-videos, motion-capture technology for VR- and AR productions, 3D animations and live-capture acting. We also work with professional directors, script-writers, actors and film-crews to lift the production quality of 360 videos or VR- and AR content to a higher level.





  • VR/AR Games and Apps
  • 360° Grad Videos
  • VR-Motioncapture and Live-Streaming
  • Applications and projects for industrial,- product-, or company purposes

AR-Demo: Interactive T-Shirt

Ovidiu Gheorghe, Lead Programmer VR/AR Team

AR-Demo: trading card Prototype

Ovidiu Gheorghe, Lead Programmer VR/AR Team

AR-Demo:  Smartwatch

Ovidiu Gheorghe, Lead Programmer VR/AR Team

Smart Controller:  prototype

Ovidiu Gheorghe, Lead Programmer VR/AR Team

In production: Moorhuhn vr

Producer: Flurfunk Interactive, Developer: Phenomedia Romania

Vonino: VR Launcher

Development: Phenomedia Romania

Example: 360° tour

Gabriel Golu, Lead Field Team 360 Grad Video&Photo

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