With the experience of 30+ years in game development and 300+ released projects, we can proudly say that not only are we amongst the first German development and publishing studios but we have also seen the whole development of the German games industry and left our mark. Over the years we have been developing titles for the very first Atari computer up to the latest VR glasses.

Although we have been developing several AAA titles, our passion has been and will always be the creation of casual games.


With Flurfunk Interactive we continue this passion and stay ready with our teams and our experience for external projects and new ideas while developing our own titles all the while. We are always interested in projects, publishers and new talents.






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Giana Sisters Mobile

Quiz Frogs

Producer and developer: Flurfunk Interactive

Rocket Words

Producer: Nils Bomhoff Developer: Flurfunk Interactive

WissensTraining fOR the binary family

The Moorhuhn Series for phenomedia

Lots of character based skill games for M2P.com

and many more...

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