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Flurfunk is networking with many professional talents in 3D production and animation. This guarantees high output in quantity and quality for 3D or CGI creation, modeling and animation.

From sketch to post production we take any challenge to make your game, TV-spot, movie or product come alive by offering the perfect team for your needs.





  • Concept and design
  • 3D- Modelling / Rigging
  • 3D, CGI and 2D Animations
  • Scripting
  • Motion-Capture

Black Eyed Peas: DIRTY BIT

Work example: Digital Banana Studio

Digital Banana's work on Black Eyed Peas Dirty Bit clip -  Prod : DipDive

Short: Happy 2013

Work example: Digital Banana Studio

Raving rabbids 2 intro

Work example: Digital Banana Studio

Prod : Ubisoft - Prod : Digital Banana Studio - Dir : John Banana

CGI: Giusto

Giusto, Carpenisan Nicolae (Nushu), Compositing 3D / SFX / Animation / Shaders / Light Setup / Fluid - Simulation / UV Maps / Texturing / vfx


Work example: Carpenisan Nicolae

3D / VFX : Carpenisan Nicolae (Nushu) & Olga Avramov (AvramoV)

Client: Volumetric

Ernst Weber

Work example: Ernst Weber

Animation example: Quiz Frogs

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